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Paradise Brazilian Wax is located in the Lindbergh plaza nestled in the heart of Atlanta. Locally owned and operated by the Elias family, we offer superior and authentic Brazilian Organic Waxing Services.

Paradise Brazilian Wax uses the finest blend of resins enhanced with calming extracts such as chamomile and azulene, which protect the skin from redness and helps eliminate irritation. This provides our clients with a smooth and easy waxing experience. 


Brazilian Wax (Butt Strip Included)

Removes all the hair including in-between butt cheeks.


Bikini Wax 

Removes all hair outside the bikini line, plus on the top area.


Butt Cheeks 

Removes all hair from butt cheeks.



Eyebrow design and wax 



Removes inner nose hair.


Upper Lip 

Remove's upper lip hair.


Side Burns

Remove's hair from the side of face 



Removes all hair around neck area 


Full Face

Includes cheeks, upper lip, side burn, chin 


Full Arm

Includes removal of entire arm hair.


Half Arm 

Removal of hair from half of the arm.


Under Arm

Under Arm hair removal.


Full Stomach 

Removes hair from entire stomach.


Belly Strip

Removes hair from belly strip area.


Full Back 

Hair removal from back area.


Half Back 

Removes hair from half of back.



Removes hair from inner butt cheek area.


Full Leg

Removes hair from all of legs.


Half Leg

Removes hair from half of legs.


Inner Thighs 

Removes hair from inner thighs.



Removes hair from feet and toes.


Full Body Special

Includes full legs, Brazilian, under arm, upper lip.



Spa treatment performed on the vulva of the vagina. Focusing on the bikini line and outer labia.


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