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Vaginal steaming is a natural way of cleansing the vagina and uterus, it can help regulate menstruation cramps, bloating, hormone imbalances, headaches, infections, helps treat hemorrhoids, increased energy and fatigue, and promotes healing after childbirth. 


  • Relaxation: The steam feels amazing, its very warm ad relaxing. We encourage you to take this time to just sit back and relax and fully enjoy your session. 

  • Deep Sleep: With higher levels of relaxation, this will help promote better sleep.

  • Increased Cervical Mucus: Cervical mucus is a great way to monitor your health, and increased fluid is recommended for your womb health. 

  • Heightened Libido and sexual Sensation: With increases of circulation of blood from the steaming, increased sensation is often reported.

  • Circulation Improvement: The heat causes increase in circulation.

  • Decreased PMS Symptoms

  • Helps Prevention and treatment of Ingrown Hairs.


Cervical fluid discharge after yoni steam should have colors somewhere between clear, milky white, yellow, and brown. It could have a odor that would not be considered strong. This can vary in intensity based on your menstrual cycle, hydration level, and stress level.

  • Urge to Urinate: The steam can reduce tension in the pelvic floor which can cause an urge to pee more frequently.

  • Increased Clots during your next period: Vaginal steaming loosens old residue, so during your next period you may notice some brown blood being cleared out of your body.

  • Different timing for your period: The combination of steaming and herbs may cause your period to come earlier or later. If it comes much earlier or later then 28-30 days, its important to let us know so we can adjust your herbal formula and timing. 


Please Note: these side effects vary from person to person and may not apply to every person. 




  • Currently Pregnant 

  • After Ovulation if you are trying to conceive

  • Actively Bleeding

  • Immediate Post Partum

  • Have an IUD or another contraceptive device

  • Vaginal Infection or open Wound

  • Remove genital piercings before steaming


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